Hitting the high life in Les 2 Alpes

Dipping my toe into a hot tub after a day on the slopes is always a fav’ way for me to end a day on the slopes, and the hot tub at the four-star Chalet Mounier was certainly very welcoming.

As was the pool, steam and sauna at this charming Les 2 Alpes hotel, but it was the way I’d ended my slope time that I was, well frankly, amazed by as I sank myself beneath the bubbles.


I’d somehow managed to sign up for paragliding, and had come down the mountain high above the ski runs, rather than on them!

There’s not too much that can go wrong when you’re strapped to a well-trained pilot, but it doesn’t feel quite like this as you’re about to take off with nothing but a sail above you.

One minute you’re told ‘Face your skis down the mountain’, the next, you’re in the air, billowing forwards with half of your senses screaming for oblivion and the other half shrieking ‘wow’!

The wind zipped us out over the valley, rushing us towards Les 2 Alpes, which looked so small from our great height, but quickly gained form as we sailed swiftly downwards.

The flight was my main adrenalin rush for this trip, but there were plenty of others – and I kept my feet on the ground!

New for this season is electric-mountain biking on snow, run by the Bureau des Guides des 2 Alpes.

The bureau takes groups on tours up and along the pistes, and can cater for various fitness levels in the same trip thanks to the battery-powered assistance.

This sport is so new that the guides are one of the first companies in France to offer these tours – and it’s well worth trying, especially if you like mountain biking.

Les 2 Alpes winter events programme is also worth checking out, as it’s action packed with adrenalin-fuelled opportunities.

Two of my friends took part in the fourth Les 2 Alpes Night Snow Trail, with one running the 10kms and the other the 20kms – in the snow.

Les 2 Alpes Race

I ran to the bar and raised a glass to their good fortune. It seemed to work, as they both came fourth within their age groups, but said it was a challenge!

For those who’ve started to think the place is all about extreme sports, take heart. It isn’t, and there are plenty of more relaxed options as well as the hot tub.

Another new thing for this season is the resort return blue run, which gives less experienced skiers the option to join experienced skiers and descend from the glacier to Les 2 Alpes on easy routes between 3,600 and 1,600 metres.

There are also slow-zone safe areas for those who may feel under confident, and a ski area specifically for families.

Freestylers and skiers love this show sure place, where you can ski almost year round thanks to its glacier.

You can also make tracks on the world’s longest ski run (without using a lift). It’s a 2,300m vertical drop between the glacier at 3,600 metres and the village of Mont de Lans at 1,300 metres.

After exercise comes a good appetite, and there are lots of good places to experience, from mountain restaurants such as Chalet de la Fée and Le Diable au Cœur to fine dining at l’Alisier

Those with some energy left at the end of the day can boost their appetite further with a night snowshoe trek to the mountain restaurant, La Ferme de la Molière.

We did this when it was almost full moon. The views were amazing as we ascended and descended the mountain, and the food tasted magnificent after all our hard work to get there.

And we can’t end a Les 2 Alpes write up without mentioning Avalanche. This lively club is everything you’d hope for in a ski resort, owned and run by one of the resort’s top people, Boris Ney.

It’s also a nightly challenge to anyone hoping to get the next day’s first lift, but what’s life without a challenge?




Briony Key has worked for the Scotsman and Travel Weekly and currently writes for Time and Leisure, planetski and Family Ski News. She loves action sports and is this year taking on a Ben Nevis challenge for the British Heart Foundation. Her hobbies include travel, restoring old furniture and working in theatre wardrobes.

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