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Dogtag ski insurance

Many people on snowy holidays get persuaded to try exciting new things, be it heli-skiing, tandem paragliding or ski touring. For many, the Holy Grail of the ski slope is mastering off-piste conditions. Yet before setting off into the unknown, few stop to study their insurance policies and ask themselves: am I really covered?

Extreme sports are thrilling – and sometimes dangerous. That, of course, is the point. It’s the double whammy for adrenaline-seekers. Yet if you need a helicopter to save you from a nasty fall or an avalanche in, say, France, where many mountain rescue teams expect you to pay up-front, will your insurance cover you? Are you sure? If not, then check your policy.

A myriad of lesser setbacks may also shape your holiday. One common problem is leaving a mountainside restaurant after lunch to find your skis have vanished. Theft – or mistaken identity? Either way, without a solid insurance team behind you, you’re walking home – or stumping up for another pair of skis. And few insurers pay up when skis have been ‘abandoned’ like that, even in the good cause of filling your belly.

Dogtag Insurance specialise in this type of insurance. Your personal insurance details plus a 24/7 emergency rescue number are printed on a US Army-style pair of ‘dogtags’ that hang round your neck – the first place a paramedic looks when checking your vital signs.

Dogtag is our recommended insurer of choice. You can ski where you like. You can leave your skis where you like. And you can leave all your concerns behind you, even the big ones, and just focus on the skiing.

Amanda started off her career as a chalet girl in Meribel when she was 18, she is the founder and editor of, has written and contributed to features for fashion publications, broadsheet newspapers and previously worked for the Good Ski Guide.

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